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TABITHA’S MISSION AND VISION: Motivated by Christian compassion, Tabitha delivers a continuum of exceptional and innovative Elder Care services that promote the dignity, independence and well-being of older adults. Tabitha’s love embraces a society where everyone is valued and empowered to live life to the fullest. Each Tabitha employee upholds the mission and standards of Tabitha.



Each Administrator assures optimum care is provided to Tabitha’s elders/residents/clients (hereinafter, “elders/clients”) by organizing, managing, directing, and evaluating the activities of Tabitha Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. This employee is responsible for overall leadership to include staffing, budgeting, program development, staff development, and maintaining the highest levels of service and quality. Establishes and monitors an environment ensure all clients are treated fairly, with kindness, dignity, respect, compassion, honesty, integrity, and trust. This employee strives to uphold Tabitha’s LIVE Culture, Crew Code of Conduct and actively embraces Tabitha’s Core Values.   As a result, the employee supports Tabitha goals related to dignity, respect, independence, competence, autonomy, personal comfort, safety and security of elders/clients.   In addition, the employee contributes to the success of Tabitha through ongoing collaboration with family members, direct report employees, coworkers, management, volunteers and others in the organization.



  1. Performs the duties of a licensed Administrator as defined by the various regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the Nursing Home Services program.
  2. Maintains a working knowledge of the regulations and laws which apply to the Nursing Home and is responsible for compliance with the regulations prescribed by the various regulatory agencies and maintaining the legal standards of the facility.
  3. Develops and monitors the patient care programs in the Nursing Home consistent with standards of the Board of Directors of Tabitha, Inc.
  4. Informs the President & Chief Operating Officer of any problems or circumstances which may compromise the integrity of the Nursing Home or Tabitha, Inc.
  5. Develops an adequate and efficient staffing pattern which can be readily adjusted to meet the needs of the elders/clients and assures that there is staff on duty sufficient in number and qualifications to provide the necessary patient care.
  6. Assures the provision of an adequate training program for the Nursing Home staff including orientation and ongoing in-service training.
  7. Negotiates, monitors, and evaluates services which are provided to the Nursing Home Services division on a contract or management basis.
  8. Prepares an annual operating budget for Tabitha Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in such a manner as to meet the corporate goals and objectives. Maintains fiscal control of revenues and expenses within the parameters set by the approved operating budget.
  9. With the approval of the President, identifies and designates an appropriate person to be in charge of the Nursing Home in the Administrator’s absence.
  10. Maintains a cooperative attitude with the other administrators of Tabitha, Inc. in order to facilitate the achievement of common objectives.
  11. Participates in community and professional activities.
  12. Participates fully as a member of Tabitha’s leadership, contributing the skills, talents and abilities that are unique to the individual for the good of Tabitha. Is a constant learner, willing providing and receiving support and advice.   Embraces responsibility for the success of various Tabitha initiatives, taking on fair share of workload for implementing said initiatives.
  13. Fosters and maintains an effective working relationship with elders/clients and their families, with nursing home staff members, and between nursing home staff and other members of the interdisciplinary team through effective and consistent leadership.
  14. Acts as a representative of the facility—being professional at all times. Maintains courteous relationship with members of management, direct reports, peers, elders/clients, family members, loved ones, members of other departments and volunteers, providing leadership, support and assistance as needed to ensure achievement of departmental and corporate goals. Volunteers to assist others, seeks opportunities to serve elders/clients, loved ones, direct reports, peers and Tabitha. Ensures that all direct reports do so as well.
  15. Behaves as a leader, fostering staff satisfaction through effective and consistent leadership. Establishes good relationships with staff, listens to staff concerns, takes appropriate action, communicates expectations, holds employees accountable, and manages consistently, identifying and removing barriers to employee success. Contributes to the success of Tabitha employees by coaching, developing, encouraging, nurturing, mentoring, challenging, and setting an example for direct reports. This will include working with employees on correcting performance deficiencies, policy violations, or any other area of concern, and working with the Talent and Culture department to make the decision to terminate employees when such corrective action is not successful.
  16. Performs work duties within the assigned work environment related to the position, as assigned by Tabitha, regardless of employee preference.
  17. Prioritizes work load to ensure that all essential functions are addressed effectively, making appropriate adjustments throughout each shift and each work week to meet changing and/or competing priorities when necessary. Frequently works more than 40 hours in any given work week, based on the needs of Tabitha, their department, projects and/or deadlines. Utilizes strength and stamina to carry out all essential functions safely and effectively. Willingly takes on additional duties and works as long as necessary during times of peak workload.
  18. Reports all broken and malfunctioning equipment immediately, follows disaster plans and uses strength and agility during participation in preparedness drills and actual emergencies and maintains a neat orderly work environment. Takes steps to ensure that all direct reports do so as well.
  19. Complies with HIPAA regulations regarding privacy by insuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) is safeguarded at all times. In addition, maintains a high level of confidentiality regarding any matter pertaining to any Tabitha elders/clients, as well as Tabitha employees. Ensures that all direct reports do so as well.
  20. Considers all factors and takes appropriate action, making good decisions that contribute to the welfare of the elders/clients, the success of employees, and the achievement of Tabitha objectives. Make decision regarding matters of importance, including decisions regarding complex issues that have been elevated by direct reports.
  21. Prepares for, participates in and/or conducts meetings, both on a departmental level and on a company level. Ensures that all direct reports attend and/or participate in such meetings as well.
  22. Completes required training and in-services promptly. Attends and participates in continuing education programs designed to keep abreast of changes in the profession, as well as to maintain current license. Demonstrates understanding of the course content and implements training in daily activities. Ensures that all direct reports do so as well.
  23. Is a role model for staff by maintaining an exemplary record of attendance and punctuality as defined by Tabitha’s policy pertaining to attendance/punctuality. Records all time worked accurately and consistently using the timekeeping method provided by Tabitha. Ensures that all direct reports meet Tabitha standards in this area as well.
  24. Consistently uses strength, agility and good body mechanics when performing essential functions, develops, implement and follows appropriate safety and infection control policies and procedures of Tabitha and/or community and regulatory agencies. Ensures that all direct reports do so as well.
  25. Complies with Tabitha policies and procedures as published by Tabitha and which may be modified at Tabitha’s discretion. Contributes to quality assurance and performance improvement activities by identifying instances of non-compliance and taking appropriate action, including reporting violations of Tabitha policy or regulations as appropriate. Ensures that all direct reports do so as well.
  26. Assists with recruitment by interviewing job applicants, making hiring recommendations and takes steps to control preventable staff turnover related to supervisory responsibilities.
  27. Follows Tabitha protocol for submission of completed documentation as it pertains to employee time records, performance evaluation, performance improvement, interview notes, attendance records etc. with particular attention to accuracy and timeliness.
  28. Responds appropriately to emergencies. Implements appropriate safety and disaster measures for the protection of elders/clients, visitors and staff.
  29. Makes decisions regarding matters of importance. Acts with integrity and in the best interest of Tabitha.   Business relationships are conducted in the best interest of Tabitha, free of gifts, cash inducements, gratuities, favors, or other perceived improper inducements.
  30. Willingly takes on additional duties and/or assignments, assisting with projects and responding to requests as assigned or as necessary. 


As a member of the Tabitha team…



            I will always be in character while doing the work of Tabitha.



            I will extend unwavering Christian compassion toward everyone.



            I will build relationships rooted in love, because at Tabitha, love matters.



            I will anticipate each customer’s needs, always looking for ways to exceed their expectations.



            I will cooperate with others to create an atmosphere of teamwork.



            I will accept responsibility for excellent communication and will be constantly aware that what I say and do is a reflection of Tabitha.



            I will do what I say, when I say, because Tabitha’s success depends on my ability to make and keep commitments.



            I will offer my time, talent, and treasure to Tabitha.



            I will support Tabitha’s ongoing efforts to continually improve and am willing to offer ideas and be accepting of change.



            I will understand who Tabitha is and what Tabitha does in order to support and promote One Tabitha.



COMMUNICATION: Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the English language as well as medical terminology related to the job. Ability to provide instructions orally or in writing.   Sufficient fluency to be able to educate employees, elders/clients and caregivers regarding matters pertaining to complex issues such as medical needs, hold a complex or emotional conversation, conduct or participate in meetings, compose professional e-mails or other written communication, complete documentation requirements of the job and interact with doctors, state officials, members of the media, employees, peer coworkers, customers, vendors, volunteers, managers and family members effectively. Ability to recognize and interpret non-verbal cues. Ability to provide calm and clear leadership during emergencies and emotional situations. Ability to communicate expectations with those he/she supervises, including the ability to conduct performance appraisals and establish performance improvement plans. Facilitates departmental meetings as needed to keep employees informed of business and department changes. Participates in or leads meetings related to complex topics such as budget, strategic concepts, Tabitha goals. Teaches classes and conducts training for employees. Ability to analyze data and use data to develop solutions.

WORKSITE CONDITIONS: Works indoors in a facility maintained by Tabitha that will typically be in good repair, clean, well ventilated and well lit. Work is performed in a standard office setting. Works under daily and hourly deadlines, requiring uninterrupted periods of intense activity.   Frequent exposure to interruptions and changes in priorities. Frequent involvement with leadership, staff, families/elders/clients, and volunteers, working with difficult issues that can become stressful. Works beyond normal scheduled hours and on weekends and holidays when assigned. Frequent interaction with elders/clients, coworkers, visitors, representatives of government agencies, etc. under all conditions and circumstances. This will include exposure to elders/clients, family members and coworkers who may experience extremes in emotions. Elders/clients, in particular, may become agitated or combative. Often works beyond normal scheduled hours and on weekends and holidays when circumstances require it, when on duty or when on call. Is frequently subject to extended hours or callback based upon needs of the organization.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to gain access to the work area and then safely perform the duties of the job while utilizing standard and specialized equipment, including but not limited to the equipment described below. Ability to move about the work area. Ability to work at a computer for hours at a time. Frequent periods of intense activity, but rare need for physical strength or physical exertion. Must have the ability to spot errors or to sense when data output contains an error. Vision and hearing within normal limits (with or without correction). Must have unrestricted lift/push/pull ability and pass a 25 - pound physical exam demonstrating strength and agility prior to employment and at Tabitha’s discretion.      


EQUIPMENT USAGE: Standard and specialized equipment including laptop, PC, tablet, photocopier, scanner, fax machine, elevator, projector, telephone, and television.


AGE REQUIREMENT: At least age 18.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred. Master’s Degree desired.


EXPERIENCE: Administrative experience in health care field preferred. One year of experience in a nursing facility of at least 150 beds preferred.


CREDENTIALS: Nursing Home Administrator’s License – State of Nebraska required or willingness to apply for a provisional license and complete licensure requirements within 180 days of employment.   Valid Nebraska Driver’s license (unless otherwise allowed by law) and a good driving record required. Must possess auto insurance at or above Nebraska statutory requirements.




Tabitha Health Care Services is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, mental or physical disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.  This policy applies to all employment practices and decisions including recruitment, selection, hiring, training, transfer, promotion, compensation, benefits, and the termination of employment. 

 Furthermore, Tabitha Health Care Services will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship, safety, and/or health risk.  Please contact Tabitha Health Care Services Human Resources Department to request an accommodation.

 As a government contractor, the organization has adopted written Affirmative Action Plans for women and minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. These plans will be revised on an annual basis. Tabitha Health Care Services is committed to making a good-faith effort toward achieving the objectives of the Plans. Any employee who would like to review the Plans may do so by scheduling an appointment with the Human Resources Department during normal business hours.


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